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Tourism In Egypt

Egypt is one of the most exciting places to visit. You will be able to see and feel the past mingling with the present. Knowing more about the customs and conduct can make your visit more welcome. It can rightly boast of being a birthplace of civilization. The ancient Egyptians developed an outstanding culture 5,000 years ago. Egypt was a cradle of civilization that allowed the same basic language and culture to flourish for nearly 3,000 years. For most of this long history, pharaoh was ‘Lord of the Two Lands’- the Nile valley and the broad Delta.

The pyramid complex was an economic engine too- employing people and redistributing wealth. With the building of the pyramids, new farms, ranches and whole new towns were founded in the provinces. The livestock and produce from theses estates was then passed on to the workforce and to the priests and special classes of people who served the pyramid complex. Thus the pyramids were a major catalyst in the development of Egypt as one of the world’s first true states.

Egypt is known as one of the greatest civilizations of the past. For ancient Greeks, it was a source of all wisdom. Roman emperors marveled at such monuments as the pyramids, and in fact Egyptians statues and obelisks were sent to Rome. The worship of Egyptian gods and goddesses like Isis and Osiris as far as Britain. Fascination with Egypt began in the late 18th century and a vast number of ancient remains as Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians have indeed left a wonderful legacy of art, architecture and literature.

Museums and monuments in Egypt represent over 3500 years of history. In the many museums found all over Egypt, you will be able to see objects from the various periods – Modern Kingdom, New Kingdom, Hellenistic period and more. A visit to the interesting monuments is also a must during your visit to Egypt. We have compiled a list of the various museums and monuments to help you make your choice.

Cairo comes alive at night. It is the best time to shop, eat delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, or simply watch the world go by, from a pavement cafe. You can dine in a floating restaurant on the Nile, sample a shisha at a coffee-shop or see oriental dancers and cabarets at a luxurious hotel. Do not forget the most essential after dark experience, the Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids, a dramatic fusion of light and music recounting the story of antiquity in different foreign languages.

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