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Why Exhibit?

Exhibitions are proven to generate more sales prospects per spend than almost any other form of marketing or promotional activity. Even in the new age of technology led communication, social media and the mobile internet, face to face interactions are still key to fostering profitable business relationships.



Top reasons to exhibit at Metal & Steel:

  • Highly targeted – With its carefully focused profile, and highly targeted audience, Metal & Steel allows you to direct your sales and marketing effort accurately and cost-effectively, with minimum wastage.

  • The buyer comes to you – Metal & Steel visitors are pro-active buyers. They make a conscious decision to attend, and set aside valuable time to do so. Many are specifiers and influencers who it might otherwise be impossible to identify

  • 3D sales & promotion – Nothing beats the impact of a live demonstration. At Metal & Steel  buyers can see, taste, touch and try your product for themselves

  • Face to face contact – The most persuasive form of selling, and of building customer relationships

  • Neutral sales environment – The buyer feels under no great pressure to buy, while the seller is not intimidated by visiting the buyer on his home territory

  • Fast market penetration – You can reach a large proportion of the market in a short space of time, achieving more in three days than you might otherwise achieve in months .

Of the exhibitors successfully met thier objectives 


Were satisfied with thier particpation in 2018 round


Planning to exhibit in 2019 round in Egypt


Agreed that Metal & Steel the perfect plaform to target


  • A powerful combination – Metal & Steel combines the mass reach of advertising, the targeting of direct mail, the persuasive power of face-to-face selling, and the networking benefits of the Internet, to create a unique environment in which a wide range of sales and marketing objectives can be pursued, either singly, or side by side.

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