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There are many ways of sourcing product and supplierinformation, but only exhibitions allow you to put a supplier’ claims comprehensively to the test – by examining the products for yourself, questioning their creators, and comparing and contrasting their performance.


Specifically, visitors attend Metal & Steel Egypt exhibition to:


  • See What’s New: Metal & Steel Exhibition is a recognized launch-pad for new products, and an extremely time-efficient way to keep up to date with the latest innovations.


  • Evaluate Products and Suppliers: You can compile a wide range of competitive information on products and suppliers in a concentrated period of time, decision makers are more likely to name Metal & Steel exhibition as an ‘extremely useful’ source of purchasing information than any other media.

  • Keep abreast of industry and market developments: Metal & Steel Exhibition is a rich source of new ideas and applications and, as such, plays an important role in strategic planning and business generation. Metal & Steel Event TEAM works closely with sponsoring trade and industry associations and the media.

  • To network with your business contacts: Metal & Steel Exhibition is a focal point for industry, attracting a broad cross-section of representatives, from buyers and sellers, to trade associations and the media. A full program of associated activities at Metal & Steel Exhibition event provides a wealth of additional networking opportunities.


  Other common reasons for attending the exhibition include:


  • To complete overview of steel & metal industry in 3 days under one roof.

  • To hear the latest metallurgy industry news.

  • Tour the Metal & Steel Exhibition, showcasing hundreds of   technology solutions & products.

  • Interview steel & metal operators, technology partners, and operations experts.

  • To compile a wide range of competitive information on products and Suppliers in a concentrated period of time.

  • To consolidate business relationships.

  • To solve specific problems.

  • To find new markets.

  • To appoint agents/seek principals.

  • To discuss specific terms/conditions/pricing.

  • To obtain technical knowledge.

  • To discuss business needs in a neutral environment.

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